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DYR is a Minneapolis-based DJ and producer whose atmospheric, beat-forward sets elevate dance floors with an eclectic blend of techno, house, and disco. 

DYR’s first EP, U're Guay, Vol. 36, signed to the revered label U're Guay Records, is the latest addition to her body of work. Her original tracks “Skippy” and “Hello” pay homage to early 00's house and were created on a legendary Yamaha RS7000. “Skippy” serves up DYR's trademark grooves coupled with shimmering synths, delayed percussion, and chunky kick drums while “Hello” is a rolling disco ride with amped up energy and bold breakbeats. Remixes from Jessica Bellomo and Axel Sundelin round out the extended player by delivering their own abstracted electro takes while retaining the original tracks’ unmistakable energy.

DYR's recent track “Mondial Cosmos” is featured on Uniting Souls Winter Compilation 2020. Acid Ted Blog praised the track as "...a really beautifully constructed affair. Full of ascending highs, little quirks and a rich bass. It’s an utter delight that manages originality without the need to go too leftfield or ‘difficult’." In 2017, DYR self-released her first single "All The Time" which received positive reviews from Yes/No, Electronic North and Stereo Fox.


DYR got her start in Seattle playing many well-loved local venues including Kremwerk, Monkey Loft, Q Nightclub, and Re-Bar. Internationally, DYR has performed at Kaffibarinn in Reykjavik, Iceland and the notorious underground techno club LÄRM in Budapest, Hungary.


Outside of the club, DYR (real name Colleen Burns) works assembling high-end effects pedals – a position perfectly suited for a producer with a love for delay and all-things FX.

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